Проект створено за підтримки -

Проект створено за підтримки -

Ukraine Mariupol street Poltavska b.3 kV.23

Collected %

Status: Awaiting evaluations

The owner of the house: Gorgul Sergey Alexandrovich

People who lived in the house: Gorgul Sergey Alexandrovich, Gorgul Tatyana Grigorievna, Gorgul Mikhail Sergeevich, Gorgul Alina Sergeevna

Contact phone number: 0684357885

Details of destruction: As a result of missile attacks, and in the aftermath and burning bombs, our house, as well as the entire surrounding quarter, burned to the ground. From the past life did not remain nichego . Осталась only cars on which they could see from this ада и winter вещи в которые были одеты . Seven of five people with babushka 84 g and a smaller unfinished summer seed