Проект створено за підтримки -

Проект створено за підтримки -

Ukraine, M. Irpin, st. Troitskaya, 37, kV.16

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Status: Awaiting evaluations

The owner of the house: Dzera Yaroslav Mykolayovych

People who lived in the house: This is an apartment building for 18 families. Of these. 7 apartments that are completely destroyed. Our family consists of 2 adults and 2 children.

Contact phone number: 0992740654

Details of destruction: During the occupation of the city of Irpin, our house suffered severe destruction due to the fire that arose. There was no one to stew then, because firefighters no longer worked in the city, heavy fighting continued As a result of which the entire 3rd floor of the house with a roof burned down. All apartments on the 3rd floor, 7 of them burned to the ground, along with all the property. The fire also affected one first-floor apartment. As a result of the failure to extinguish, the fire destroyed all communications in the house, the house is completely uninhabitable. At present, no one can live in it, since the lower floors have also suffered partial damage, due to a fire and a long stay of a house without a roof. People had walls blooming heavily, the ceiling fell, etc. All families live where.