Проект створено за підтримки -

Проект створено за підтримки -

Ukraine, M. Irpin, Yablunevy lane 9/1

Collected %

Status: Awaiting evaluations

The owner of the house: Privalova A.V. Privalova L.M. Gorbatenko A.I.

People who lived in the house: Privalov V.I. Privalova L.M. Privalova A.V. Gorbatenko A.I.

Contact phone number: 0503105514 097 008 23 51

Details of destruction: Dad died a month before the war, before that we fought with his oncology, so unfortunately we cannot recreate the house completely at our own expense. My mother lives in a frozen construction site opposite, I am abroad and in Bucha with friends, my daughter also moved abroad. At our own expense, we made the frame of the roof and covered it. Unfortunately, it is not enough to extend the resource at the moment.