Проект створено за підтримки -

Проект створено за підтримки -

Ukraine, M. Bucha, st. Plumbing, 62, square. 114

Collected %

Status: Awaiting evaluations

The owner of the house: Mashkova Oksana Mykhailivna

People who lived in the house: Mashkova Lyudmila Fedorovna (mother)

Contact phone number: 05041402221

Details of destruction: So far, we have lost the apartment where mommy lived, but the main thing is that mommy survived.
At present, there is no light, heating in the apartment, the balcony is cracked, the elevator does not work (and on the 9th floor the mother will no longer rise calmly with high pressure). + it is still not clear how reliable the roof is, which is above the apartment.

Now there is a need to re-glaze the balcony, replace the double-glazed window in the kitchen, and patch the hole of the wall bordering the next apartment.

Mommy 75. In recent years, she lived in the first (towards m. Irpin) high-rise buildings Bucha.

On the morning of February 27, 2022, after breakfast, she looked out the kitchen window on the opposite street. There was a bunch of military armored vehicles that she counted with her eyes without a second thought. And then ... "I wanted to go to the middle of the apartment for something," mommy says. In a month when I arrive there I will see a hole from the ball in the double-glazed window (just at the level of mommy's head). That is, it is not just an "accident". They fired aimingly and saw that they were elderly civilians!

Subsequently, the gun targeted the apartments in the center of the house. Multiplied by zero." Mommy was lucky and she ran downstairs. Only then we will see that a shell flew into our room through the next extreme apartment.

After that, the suffering did not end.
And then the higher forces covered up. Mommy somehow (on adrenaline?) reached a friend's house in Irpen. And in a few days the connection will be cut off and we will hope that mommy is still alive, because it was in Irpen that the Rashists began a bloody sweep of the population.

After mommy was able to evacuate and I found out that she was alive and still survived, she now lives with me. We were forced to rent more housing, and mommy immediately received the second group of disability for life. These events did not pass unnoticed by it, and here is the risk of a new stroke and pressure sometimes under 220.