Проект створено за підтримки -

Проект створено за підтримки -

Ukraine, Kyiv region, Irpin city, Hostomel, Peremohy lane, 9

Collected %

Status: Awaiting evaluations

The owner of the house: Kravchenko Kateryna Sergeevna

People who lived in the house: Kravchenko Kateryna Sergeevna

Contact phone number: +380951909314

Details of destruction: Destruction without the possibility of restoration of the second plover: roof, external and internal walls, windows, repair and decoration, ceilings, interior doors, water and electrical communications, furniture. Damage to the first floor: broken windows, entrance doors, inclination of one external wall with a crack, cracks in the interfloor slabs, openings from gun hitting the walls, damaged interior doors, furniture and decoration, damage to water and electrical communications. Damage to the extension of the territory: gates are knocked out and will begin to enter, openings from the gun around the perimeter of the fence, damage to the metal structure of the terrace, damaged street tiles in the courtyard.