Проект створено за підтримки -

Проект створено за підтримки -

Ukraine, Kiev region, Buchansky district, village Moschun, ST "Pobutovets", street Friendly 37

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Status: Awaiting evaluations

The owner of the house: Pototskyy Yurii Mykhailovych

People who lived in the house: Pototskyy Yurii Mykhailovych, Pototska Valentyna Oleksandrivna

Contact phone number: 0674190004

Details of destruction: Roof: galvanized metal sheets, destroyed by 80%. Roof constitution: the wooden truss system is completely destroyed. Foundation: chips, potholes. Exterior walls and interior walls: destruction of the vault. Through cracks in the jumpers and under the window openings, brick loss. Partitions: Ceramic brick. Cracks on the surface, deep cracks in the places of adjoining to adjacent structures. Windows, doors: Windows - wooden with ordinary glass, doors - metal entrance, wooden. The window frames dried up and loosened in the corners, some of the devices were damaged or absent, the lack of glass and ebbs. Façade decoration: Masonry with stitching seams. Potholes from debris, cracks between the seams. Interior decoration: Lag wallpaper and paper base, cracks and tears throughout the area. Protrusion and falling off of plaster and sheets in places over 10 m2 on an area of up to 50%. Partial loss or loose fit of tiles on an area of up to 50% of the cladding. Power supply: Complete loss of elasticity of wire insulation, significant damage to the main and internal apartment networks and devices, traces of system repair with partial replacement of the network and devices, the presence of temporary gaskets.